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Prove that Binh Ngo Dai Cao of Nguyen Trai is a heroic ancient genius.

Make an outline to prove that Binh Ngo Dai Cao is ancient and heroic

I. Introduction

About the author Nguyen Trai: National hero, global cultural celebrity, outstanding poet and writer.

– Overview of the work: Circumstances of birth, general comments on the report – the ancient epic, the second declaration of independence of the nation.

Reference: learn about the work Binh Ngo Dai Cao by Nguyen Trai

II. Body

1. explain what is ancient heroic literature

– It is a majestic literature handed down forever

– Before Binh Ngo Dai Cao, there were excellent political essays such as “Chi Chinh Su”, “Hich General Si”, but in Binh Ngo Dai Cao, the majestic nature is expressed more deeply by values. its intrinsic. the ideological and artistic content it represents

2. Prove that Binh Ngo Dai Cao is ancient and heroic

One. Title.

Dai Dai is a form of political discourse used by kings to announce and announce to the world important events with sarcastic words, sharp arguments, and tight structure.

– Binh Ngo: Defeat the Minh invaders

– The Great Report of Binh Ngo is a national statement of great significance, widely published about the work of driving away the invading Ming army and regaining the nation’s independence and sovereignty.

=> The title of the work suggests a solemn and sacred meaning

b. Dimensions, capacity

– This is a large-scale, long-capacity project consisting of 4 clearly divided and specific parts.

– Each part has specific central content: part 1 – just arguments, part 2 – outlining the enemy’s crimes, part 3 – the arduous and inevitable general uprising, part 4 – declaring victory. political definition

=> Before Dai Cao Binh Ngo, there was no political opinion on such a large scale.

c. Content and ideas.

– The big thought throughout the length of the work is the idea of ​​”humanity”. Ideology inherits Confucianism, expands and creates with two contents “peace the people” and “remove violence”. So far, no one has discovered and expressed this thought as eloquently and clearly as Nguyen Trai.

– An eloquent and strong statement about the independence and sovereignty of the nation through many aspects (culture, territory, customs, history, heroism)

+ Calling Dai Viet King “De” and placing Dai Viet dynasties on the same level as Chinese dynasties is a sign of national pride.

+ Compared with the declaration of independence “Nam Quoc Son Ha”, the first declaration of independence of our country, Binh Ngo Dai Cao Binh Ngo has both inheritance and expansion properties: inheriting elements of style. way, territory, way of calling. The kings of Vietnam are “kings”, expanding and developing in the elements of culture, customs, history, genius, and all these factors do not need to be “divine books” but are determined by people themselves. won.

=> Is the most majestic and complete declaration of independence and national sovereignty

– Attitude of indignation at the barbaric crimes of the enemy.

+ They use lies to rob the country, terrorize innocent people, exploit tax collectors, rob property, destroy the environment, destroy lives, destroy production, and exploit labor.

+ The pain, grief, resentment, indignation of the people before those crimes

=> It is a powerful and eloquent indictment of the enemy’s crimes.

– Love of the country and a heart to fight the Ming invaders of Le Loi, Lam Son insurgent army and the people

+ Le Loi is a hero in cloth clothes, has great ideals, ambitions and is the soul of the war.

+ The Lam Son uprising was full of hardship and heroism, the glory of the nation, the rebellious spirit and humane behavior of the nation.

+ Tragic, humiliating, humiliating defeat of the enemy

=> Pride, deep national pride

d. Artistic features

– Rigorous and persuasive arguments: Going from the theoretical basis of humanistic thought, the truth about independence and sovereignty to the reality of the barbaric and cruel nature of the Ming invaders and the rebels. suffering but heroic of the nation and finally came to the conclusion that the enemy was not unjust, we were righteous.

– sharp arguments, convincing evidence: Prove national sovereignty and independence by convincing evidence (culture, territory, customs, history, genius), talking about the enemy’s crimes (crimes of terrorism, murder, destruction of the environment, destruction of production, exploitation of labor, etc.)

– The tone is heroic, ironic, majestic.

– Using figurative language: Grilling civilians, burying red children, Truc Lam Son did not record all his crimes, fought an unexpectedly clean battle, fought two battles to tear birds, …

Long and short sentences, flexible changes, sometimes sharp, sometimes eloquent, praising, decisive, decisive

– Using the art of listing, exaggerating, and opposing to express the author’s stance and conception.

III. End

– Reaffirming the position of the work Dai Cao Binh Ngo

– Expressing the stature and position of Nguyen Trai through the work.

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Sample essay proving that Binh Ngo Dai Cao is ancient and heroic

Nguyen Trai has left a massive literary career, rich in both content and art. In the treasure of that work, it is impossible not to mention Binh Ngo Dai Cao, known as the heroic ancient literature. The work is not only unique in content but also unique in art.

The work was written by Nguyen Trai under the direction of General Le Loi after our army and people defeated the Ming invaders. The document was written to inform the entire people of the end of the glorious victory over the invaders. This is considered the second declaration of independence of the nation after Nam Quoc Son Ha. At the same time, the work is also considered as an ancient and epic poem that has been handed down forever. In order to become an immortal and timeless novel as it is today, Binh Ngo Dai Cao must have excellent content, and at the same time must have skillful and talented writing style. Only when these two factors are fully converged will it be worthy of the title of epic epic.

At the beginning of the work, extremely sarcastic and bold words raise a humanist thesis, which is also the dominant factor in the whole article:

The core of humanity is to rest in peace

Military punishment first to eliminate violence

Humanity is the moral concept of Confucianism, to talk about morality, behavior and love between people. Here, Nguyen Trai not only absorbed but also developed that morality, that love must be realized by concrete actions: mainly to live in peace, to keep people in peace. To do that, it is necessary to punish the greedy, tyrannical, and dark forces that have disrupted the peaceful life of the masses. #. Likewise with Nguyen Trai, benevolence comes from the people, from the love of the masses. #, at the same time benevolence is also associated with the love of peace, from which benevolence is patriotism. This is a new and progressive point of Nguyen Trai.

Not stopping there, Nguyen Trai is also full of confidence and bravery to assert our nation’s sovereignty, he not only asserts in terms of territorial outline, but also in depth aspects. about the cultural capital and traditions of each nation: Like our country Dai Viet before/…/ Every life has a genius. He uses words very precisely: the former, the declared, long ago, divided, also different, to assert the obvious, age-old truth. He was the one who perfected the concept of nation and nation, which was a great step forward compared to the previous declaration of independence.

On the basis of affirming the nation’s sovereignty, Nguyen Trai exposed their crimes as well as their invasion plots. He was very ingenious when using people’s words, taking advantage of the opportunity to expose their deceitful and deceitful claims, demanding that Tran destroy Ho. They used the pretext to destroy Ho, but in fact they were to suppress and rob our people’s property and wealth. They have extremely barbaric actions: Grilling civilians in ferocious flames / Burying their still-red children in the pit of disaster; High taxes: Heavy taxes are clean and immoral, they are so cruel that they don’t even spare inanimate objects: They exterminate insects, plants, etc. Their crimes not only make people angry. angry. and heaven and earth do not forgive. Reading each verse, we also feel sorry for the condition of the people when they have to suffer the oppression of the Ming invaders. Therefore, the heroes and martyrs of that time could not stand with their arms crossed and watch our compatriots shed blood before foreign invaders. The hero Le Loi raised the flag of insurrection despite facing many difficulties, but with perseverance and wisdom, he bravely overcame them all. The insurgent army was brave, strategizing to attack at different positions, making the enemy’s position and power exhausted.

The tone and rhythm of the poetry became more intense and exciting than ever: The battle of the lover’s heart resounded in the sky in a flash/ Tra Lan region split the ashes into two; Ninh Kieu’s blood flowed into rivers, fish drifted thousands of miles. Our army won a resounding victory, the highlight here is the victory based on the idea of ​​benevolence: Use great will to win brutality / Use kindness instead of violence. I won, could not destroy the enemy to the end, but still left them a way of life: Greed for life, fear of death, but really filial piety / I would rather the whole army, leave the people alone / Not just a great plan / Also never seen before. Only for the people to revolt, in the uprising, the people are also the core force. Until the enemy is forgiven, the people can rest. The mention of people with the same important position only appeared in Nguyen Trai’s mind. The people are the core of Nguyen Trai’s humanistic thought.

Ending the speech was praise, joyful voice declaring victory, affirming the righteous nature of the uprising: Xa Tac is stable from here / Giang Son will be renewed from here / Kien Minh will be Thai / Japan Nguyet regretted and then again.

The work is not only unique in content but also unique in art. The work is considered an exemplary political thesis, with a tight layout and sharp arguments. To create a premise to deploy the entire work, Nguyen Trai raised the point of humanity right at the beginning of the report, then exposed the crimes of the enemy; the beginning of the arduous resistance war and the glorious victory of our people; the final declaration of victory, affirming the legitimacy of the resistance war. To highlight the crimes of his enemies, he cleverly used the art of contrasts: Man caught in the sea looking for pearls, fed up with sharks, slyly opposed to a gaping boy baring his teeth, and blood. The greasy taste is not boring to eat. In addition, use images rich in evocative and sexy values: Cruel, Nam Son bamboo does not record all crimes, / Dirty, Dong Hai water does not wash off the smell. Expose the barbaric and brutal crimes of the enemy. The tone of pain, sorrow, pain when telling about the tragedy of the people, sometimes sarcastic, strong when denouncing the enemy.

With excellence in both content and art, Binh Ngo Dai Cao deserves to be the “Heavenly Ancient Heroes” of eternity. The work is an immortal essay on the spirit of self-reliance and self-reliance of the nation in the process of fighting foreign invaders, bringing peace and happiness to the people.


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Refer to the outline to prove that Binh Ngo Dai Cao is an ancient heroic hero, an exemplary political essay, a tight layout, and a sharp argument of Nguyen Trai.

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